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How to Save Money on Coffee

Image result for coffee moneyLet's face it. Drinking coffee everyday can be an expensive habit. Whether you are buying your coffee on the go or making it at home you are surely spending more than you have to be. In fact, if you found a way to save on coffee each and every day over the period of a year or so you would have seen some really significant savings. The problem is that most people get into the habit of buying their coffee from the same places all the time. This habit makes these people feel comfortable but it also may be costing them too much money. By stopping and thinking about how you are spending your money on coffee you could start see that you could save some money.
Simply out, the best way to save money on coffee is to use some sort of coupon. If you make coffee at your house every morning when you wake up you will have to have can of coffee in the refrigerator that you bought from the store. If you can locate a coupon for the coffee then you will be able to save some money each time you make a purchase. The best place to locate coupons for coffee is online. If you can find one for your favorite brand the odds are good that your supermarket will honor it. Make sure to check the website of the manufacturer as well as the other various coupons sites on the internet. If you cannot find a coupon for your brand consider changing to a brand that does offer a coupon. This will allow you to save a few bucks.
Image result for coffee moneyIf you find yourself buying coffee at a fast food restaurant or a gas station then you should think about asking about a rewards card. Some of these places will reward their frequent customers with free stuff for their loyalty. As it pertains to coffee, some gas stations will give you a free cup of coffee for every five cups that you purchase. This is nice because over the course of a week you will earn yourself one free cup of coffee. Over time as you cash in on more free cups of coffee you will see that you are saving more and more money. The key is to remain consistent and loyal to an establishment that has a good rewards program in place for their customers.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Forensics Online - An Educational Overview

The career of forensic science is extremely popular due to numerous television shows dedicated to the art of catching the criminal with evidence like blood and skin. The role of a forensic scientist is real and goes past the screen to help law enforcement solve crimes. Individuals who are trained in this area inspect evidence, write reports, and are expert witnesses in trials. Many online accredited colleges offer degrees in forensics allowing people to earn a degree from home.
There are many avenues to consider when thinking about a career in forensics. Forensic science is a broad subject that has many sub categories that make up the overall job. Lets look at a few of these options. Criminalistics is the examining of evidence inside a lab and explaining it through science. Forensic anthropology consists of inspecting human remains. Forensic psychology is the study of the minds of criminals. Forensic toxicology is the examining of the effects and results of drugs and poisons in the body. These specialties and more can be learned through online schooling.
Colleges offer degrees ranging from a diploma in forensic science to a master's degree in the field. The higher a student goes in the field the more specific a degree program will be. Depending on an individuals career goal choosing an associate's degree in forensic science might be all that is required. Individuals who want to work directly with suspected criminals or supervise a forensics team may consider gaining a master's or doctorate in the field. Courses will cover a multitude of areas but generally basic courses consist of math, science, biology, physics, and more. Specific courses will be taken at each degree level including forensic microscopy, courtroom testimony, criminal evidence, and more.
A diploma program could be composed of 13 all-inclusive lessons. Each lesson would focus on a subject matter and go through the ins and outs of the goals and objectives needed to practice that specific role of forensic science. For example, a lesson could center on the scene of the crime. Through coursework a student would learn how to process a crime scene by collecting, photographing, cataloging, and preserving evidence. Students would learn how to determine cause of death, estimate cause of death, learn the process of an autopsy, and more. Students who gain a diploma from an online college would know how to do the above and more. These skills could send graduates into entry-level jobs.
A student who has gone through a bachelor's program in forensic science can choose to further their education by obtaining a master's in a specific area of interest. Many online schools offer a master of arts in forensic psychology. Students enrolled in a program like this could be required to complete around 40 credit hours of schooling. Courses would cover psychology of criminal behavior, evaluation and treatment of offenders, and more. A program at this level may cost around $600 per credit with textbooks and materials needed for courses at an additional cost.
Degree holders will have plenty of careers and jobs to choose from upon graduation. The Bureau of labor Statistics estimates job growth at 31 percent over the next six years. Don't let your passion of forensics pass you by. Search for an accredited degree program that fits your personal goals and start on a rewarding and fulfilling path as a forensic scientist.
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7 Reasons to Stop Drinking Coffee and Switch to Green Tea

Image result for pictures of stop coffeeAt the young age of 15, I began drinking coffee. I believe I have drank at least one cup of coffee every day since I've started, sometimes multiple servings per day if I feel I really need the boost. These weren't your regular cups of coffee either, my fix was a double long black and often, a triple. These servings were above the daily recommended intake of caffeine. Caffeine is highly addictive and can cause many problems when abused. Needless to say, I developed an addiction to caffeine. I needed to stop drinking so much coffee and needed to switch to a healthier alternative. That's when I found green tea and the health benefits related to drinking it. I still drink coffee, maybe once a week, but green tea has been my fix and this is why:
  1. Antioxidant Properties: Green tea contains Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which is one of the most powerful antioxidants found. It is 20 times stronger than Vitamin E.
  2. Anti-Cancer Properties: green tea has the ability to reduce risk of lung cancer and skin cancer if you consume at least 1 cup per day. Studies have found that those who drank it daily were five times less likely to develop lung cancer. EGCG is the property in the tea that can block tumor growths, reduces cell damage and blocks cell mutation growth.
  3. An Increase in Metabolism: Excellent for weight loss, tea can increase a persons metabolic rate. It increases the rate of fat oxidation and can increase how much energy the body can spend, which reduces fat.
  4. Immune System Boost: Tea drinkers have a a 5 times higher production of anti-bacterial proteins compared to coffee drinkers. This means that tea drinkers have stronger immunity levels to diseases.
  5. Increased Mental Alertness: Whilst coffee increases alertness via caffeine, it isn't as good as the mental alertness that green tea can provide. It increases mental alertness, but also provides a calmer state of mind.
  6. Bad Breath and Stained Teeth: Coffee is notorious for staining teeth and giving drinkers bad breath throughout the day. Green tea on the other hand, can actually prevent bacteria growth in the mouth. It is bacteria in the mouth that causes bad breath.
  7. Anti-depressent: A research in Japan concluded that tea drinkers were less likely to have symptoms of depression compared to those that did not drink green tea.
These are the main reasons why I have switched from coffee to green tea. I now drink about 3 cups of tea throughout the day. Whilst I highly suggest coffee drinkers do the same, it might be more feasible to just include 1-2 cups of green tea every day in your diet, just for the health benefits.
Daniel is an ex-coffee drinker, now health freak. He has written articles on the internet for 2 years now. When not writing articles, he works on his new websites: 9 Angle Grinder - All about 9 inch angle grinders.
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Coffee - The Health Benefits For Colon Cancer

Image result for pictures of colonDifferent types of cells in our bodies divide and multiply in an orderly way. This is a perfectly normal process that takes place where new cells replace older cells. Cell birth and cell renewal is a constant activity in our bodies.
The problem with cancer or malignant growths occurs when some of the cells in the body multiply uncontrollably. When our body's natural defenses or immune system cannot stop uncontrolled cell division, health problems arise. What happens is that these abnormal cells multiply and multiply without stopping. The result of such uncontrolled cell growth formation is a mass or a tumor.
Drinking at least two cups of coffee daily can translate into a 25% reduced risk of colon cancer. Coffee drinkers, as compared to peope who are not, appear to be 50% less likely to get liver cancer than non drinkers. They also have lower rates of colon, breast and rectal cancers.
  • There is a powerful antioxidant found almost exclusively in coffee called Methylpyridinium that boosts blood enzymes widely believed to protect against colon cancer.
  • The study of coffee consumption and the protection against cancer as a result of coffee's high antioxidant content is a very popular research subject.
  • Methylpyridinium, the anticancer compound, is found almost exclusively in coffee and coffee products. Methylpyridinium is not found in significant amounts in foods and beverages.
  • Methylpyridinium is formed in the roasting process from a chemical found naturally in coffee beans called Trigonellin.
  • Dark roasted coffees contain two to three times more Methylpyridinium than medium roasts.
  • Dark roasted brews, in fact, are gentler on the stomach than lighter brews.
  • This is because of the presence of Methylpyridinium which helps essentially bring down the stomach acid.
Other scientific coffee research shows that polyphenols in coffee and tea protect against the formation of colon tumors, most likely through their antioxidant properties.
    Image result for pictures of coffee
  • Plant polyphenols are, undoubtedly, powerful antioxidant compounds.
  • Plant polyphenols in fruits, vegetables, and red wines, for example, protect us from oxidative stress.
  • You can say that one of the best forms of gene therapy is eating and drinking regularly plant foods and beverages laden with polyphenols.
  • Polyphenols in coffee increase our antioxidant capacity, this is a good thing.
The claim that coffee does not increase risk of colon cancer gets support from scientific research conducted worldwide by private, government and educational organizations such as the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston among many others.If you are a coffee lover, there is no reason to change your coffee drinking habits. In fact, you can continue enjoying your cup of coffee knowing that you may be deriving added health benefits in the process.
Obviously, always follow your physician's advice regarding any medical conditions, treatments, diagnostics, pregnancy or special dietary plans for you. Coffee, home remedies or natural medications may help in relieving or preventing (partially) some symptoms or conditions. However, you should always listen to your health practitioner first and be a good patient.
What about a nice cup of Spanish Espresso gourmet coffee?
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More About Coffee And Health

Image result for pictures of coffeeGood news, coffee lovers! Drinking coffee actually has quite a few health benefits. For many years, drinking coffee was considered to be a vice, and it was not until the past decade that we began to learn that coffee can actually be good for you.
In addition to the benefits that caffeine offers such as mental alertness and acuity, coffee also benefits your health in other ways. One of the most promising health benefits of coffee is its ability to help lower the risk for developing type 2 diabetes. With over a million new cases of diabetes diagnosed every single year, this is good news for all coffee drinkers. The link between coffee and a reduced risk of diabetes is still being investigated, but scientists have been able to determine that just a few cups per day may reduce your risk by up to thirty percent.
Recently, studies at Harvard Medical School have highlighted another benefit to drinking coffee. The studies indicate that coffee has significant anti-cancer properties, and coffee drinkers are fifty percent less likely to develop liver cancer than nondrinkers. There is data to indicate that coffee also lowers your risk for colon, breast, and rectal cancers as well.
There has also been significant research indicating that individuals who consume an average of 3-5 cups per day have a significantly lower risk of developing either dementia or Alzheimer's later in life.
While scientists continue to study the effects of coffee in order to determine its effect on health, it is safe to say that there are many different benefits which can be gained from coffee consumption. In addition to the benefits listed above, coffee is also extremely rich in antioxidants, which most people do not get enough of.
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How to Work From Home - Drink Coffee and Earn an Absolute Fortune!

Image result for pictures of wealthToday now than ever more people are using technology to work from home! In fact, the airline, hotel & car rental businesses have used work from home labor for years now to save costs on salaries and benefits as well office space. With the on-going recession wreaking havoc on many companies as there sales continue to slide and profits continue to fade they are forced to lay off more and more workers!
In fact, over the last 2 1/2 years over 15 million people have gotten pink slips! Many of these people have gone back to school only to find that more education doesn't equate to getting hired simply because the jobs aren't there! Some have sought 2nd jobs but working at Wal-Mart for $10 an hour for 10-15 hours a week won't get you over the hill especially when even the part time positions are few and far between because of the immense competition for even jobs at Wal-Mart.
Despite that, there is a small but growing group of savvy business people and entrepreneurs who have opened themselves up to a whole new way of earning income. Many of these people have positioned themselves to build immense fortunes by working from home drinking coffee. Before telling you exactly how they are doing it you must first understand a few things before moving.
Image result for pictures of coffeeDid you realize there are over 340 million people in America and over 255 million of them wake up and drink coffee 2-4 times a day! Literally 75% of ALL the people in America drink coffee every single day, that to me is amazing! On the surface that number seems far fetched and I can hear the wheels turning in your head but let me ask you a few questions:
Have you ever passed by an empty Starbucks?
Is there a "coffee" break room in your office?
Do you work with people who can't do anything before drinking their coffee?
Did your mom, dad or grandparents drink coffee every single day!
Do you buy coffee daily?
Do you know what a Macchiato, Latte or Frappuccino is?
You see everywhere you look, people are drinking coffee and whether you realize it or not immense fortunes have been built off coffee. In fact coffee, is the largest addiction there is period; larger than alcohol, illicit drugs or any other addiction.
Image result for pictures of wealthCoffee is the 2nd most traded commodity in the world only behind oil! So from an investing and financial vantage point coffee as a commodity is more valuable per capita than platinum, gold or diamonds; it's only trumped by oil! That's right, coffee!
Not only that but coffee is also the 2nd most consumed commodity in the world only behind water which is only #1 because water is necessary in making coffee! How amazing is that! Coffee as a business traditionally has been available only to the elite period and point blank... until today! Because of the Internet and the convergence of numerous financial markets and barriers to trade being broken an unprecedented opportunity has been presented. Right now, all over America and 6 other countries there is a financial revolution that is about to explode and it enhance the lives and wealth of countless hundreds of thousands of people. One day real soon you see plastered all over the major "work from home" business magazines in your local bookstore information about the phenomenon that you now have the opportunity to be at the forefront of!
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